MMF Fantasies During Phone Sex Chat

I have to say, I got the juiciest call yesterday.  One of my regular emailed me the picture below and told me to expect his phone call later on during the day.  I was supposed to end my shift but when I got the email, I had to call dispatch and tell them to patch him on to me when he rang, even though I wasn’t officially on call.


He named his image: “Male fucking male fucking female”  and I have to tell you the whole thing turned me on so much that I couldn’t wait to speak with my guy later on.  I wanted to masturbate but thought I’d wait until the phone call and then we would indulge in a bit of masturbation phone sex whilst commenting on the action on the picture.

I must admit that I had been surprised that this particular caller had chosen a bisexual threesome to send me as he had never indicated an interest in his own bisexuality and when I asked him the question, he told me that it wasn’t that he was cock curious or had ever thought about it, but this particular image had been a turn on for him, for whatever reason, and he could only think about me to share this with.  Isn’t that nice?  It’s things like that that make my job so enjoyable.  In other circumstances, one might have had to keep these thoughts for oneself, and then who knows gone for multiple sessions with a sex therapist, but phone sex offers so much more that!

This topic of bisexual phone sex is a very popular amongst our callers and one which I enjoy incredibly.  It’s also a very old passion as portrayed in this picture below, which I hope you enjoy.


So do you have fantasies of your own?  I am sure you do.  So let’s talk!

Curious for cock: Do you really want to suck a big cock?

Curious for Cock Phone Sex

If you are fantasizing about another man’s big white cock, then you are not alone.  Many men, and in fact many callers phone us daily to talk about sucking another man big white cock.  Indeed, in many cases, that is not all they are thinking about as anal sex and other bi sexual sex fantasies come into play and if these desires sound familiar to you than welcome to the curious about big white cock group of men who use phone sex as a safe media to explore their desires.  Sexuality is a world of fantasy and most of us know that what we dream about during sex is very often not something we would actually like to do in real life and this where phone sex comes in handy.  You may think that because you are curious about other men’s big white cocks you may be gay and of course you are not.  For most of our callers, it is the big white cock that they are interested in, and not the man it is attached to.  Our callers who are curious about big white cock phone to explore a variety of scenarios including bi or curious for cock.  You have come to a point in your life when thinking about it is no longer sufficient and now is the time to take your sexuality into your hand and let one of our big white cock hungry femdom help you explore your sex fantasies.

You don’t have to be shy or embarrassed.  Our Mistresses are expert in the art of same sex sexuality and cannot wait to walk you through your desires of curious for cock.

If you are curious for cock and are in a relationship with a partner who encourages and even participates in your fantasy then we invite you include her in your calls to us.

.  As you know, because you are interested in big white cock doesn’t mean that you would entertain the notion of a romantic encounter with another man.  The truth is you just like the ideal of a big white cock you can suck and who’s attention you can enjoy by way of anal sex.  By the same token, men who enjoy bi sexual sex fantasies and bring into their world a female partner with whom they share this fantasy can not only enjoy this uniquely delicious sexual desire for them but also include their partner into it.  Ask any woman if she would enjoy a virtual fantasy which involves the participation of herself with two men and in all likelihood, you will get a positive response.

There are men and women, who as couples indulge in the art of roleplay as a means to improve and add spice to their sexuality.  Such couples may extend the man’s bi sexual sex fantasies to the woman by way of an artificial big white cock (strap on or dildo) which she can use in any number of ways on her husband.  Some women even love the ideal of having a real big white cock so that they may experience the big white cock as men do and for them a strapon is the toy that can bring them the closest to their specific fantasy.  As we have said before the fact that a man is curious for cock may act as a catalyst for a woman in the expression of her own desires.

huge cock shemales have achieved this unique particularity of being both male and female.  Shemale phone sex is an enormously popular fantasy amongst our callers who fantasize about both the woman and her big white cock!

I hope you have found answers to some of your questions pertaining to femdom phone sex and I look forward to the time when you phone my service.  You will be delighted you did my little big white cock sucker.  Call us and let’s explore your curious for cock sex fantasies together.

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