Ass Play: Anal Phone Sex

I have to say I stayed an anal virgin for as long as I could.  Like most women, I absolutely resisted the idea of letting anyone poke as much as a well oiled finger through my ass and for the longest time, remained… “anally untouched”.


This all changed a few years ago when I was dating a boyfriend with the most gorgeous cock.  It was long and thin, and absolutely delicious.  We were fooling around one day and were both excited as hell, eager to fuck each other.  The problem was that I had my periods that day and well, a woman has to have some time off there from time to time.  I was so turned on and the usual manual stimulation which in these circumstances had always been more than sufficient, just didn’t appeal to me.  I wanted to be fucked.  I needed to feel a hard cock inside of me.

He was on his back, his gorgeous cock pointing up, looking so inviting and I started to put some oil on it, masturbating it slowly, wishing I could feel it inside.

Then for some reasons that even as I was doing it seemed alien to me, I climbed over him, straddled him and lowered my self so that his cock was rubbing against my pussy.  I was eager to impale myself and before I could say no to myself, I shifted my but slightly and all of a sudden his delightful cock was pressing against my asshole.

It felt surprisingly good, there was no pain (not yet) and so I lowered myself a couple of inch.  His dick was now inside of my ass, I was having anal sex.  I stayed like that without moving for a while, giving my body and my ass time to adjust and then lowered myself even more until his dick was completely inside my ass.

From that point on, I have been an anal sex addict and for that reason, am one of the most requested anal phone sex sluts around.

So if you like to put it in the ass, but your partner wont give you her ass, then anal sex with a phone sex babe is the way to go!