Phone Sex All The Way

I am the lady in Pink.  I say that because one of my favorite toys is a pink strapon.  It’s called the “chubby” Strapon and at 6 inches long you can guess how thick it is.

In the past I have used with a particular friend who needed anal stimulation to come.  It wasn’t that he was submissive, or a sissy in training, but he liked the idea of a fat cock being rammed up his ass and he wasn’t all that interested in have this service rendered by another man.

So he came to me for a very particular “Friendship with benefit”.  It suited me because I am a natural femdom and him…  Well…  He walks with a smile on his face now.

The other day, something very special happened to me. I was on call duty and an irate woman rang to check some charges her dear husband had run on his credit card.  We got talking and when her frustration subsided she asked me, “what is it you do anyway?”

“We have sex with men and women and talk about all their fantasies.  You should try it one day…”

I didn’t think she would even consider it but when all I got from her was silence, I realize she was at least considering it.

“I tell you what”  I said to her, how about I give you a few minutes to try it out and see if you like it?  If there was one think you want to do to your husband right now, what would it be?”

“Well, I would want to fuck him like a bitch!”  Was her immediate response.

“As luck would have it,”  I told her, “I have someone here who comes for the exact same thing, and would you like to stay on the phone whilst I shove my strapon inside his pussy ass?

“When shall we start?”  Was all she said.

Strapon Sex by Phone.

Cheap Phone Sex is the way to go

It seems like my previous post on phone sex for couples got you married folks up in a frenzy and quite a few of you wrote to me about the subject or even called us.

So it’s a special welcome for you guys, (you know who you are) and we hope you get to enjoy each other more through the world that phone fantasies can open up for you.

Some of you have asked for more information about small phone humiliation and I was happy to provide you with more details as to how you can take advantage of a bad situation and turn it to your advantage.

By and large, one of the most common question was about costs and with the difficult financial times we are experiencing, this was one very pertinent question.

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