Phone Sex and Cock Sucking

“So you want to suck another man’s cock?”

I was in a phone sex call with a guy yesterday.  Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you try, and in spite of my best efforts, I wasn’t making any progress with this particular John.  I was trying to find what it was that turned him on and he wasn’t helpful at all.

“Note to readers:  If you want to have a better phone sex experience, make sure you share your thoughts with the woman on the other end of the phone and even if you are shy, don’t make it a point to hide things from her!”

I’d try it all and John simply would not cooperate.  All I was getting from him were vague groans, little chuckles and not much else.  Now I am a very patient woman myself, but there are times when even I loose my cool and I was about to terminate the call and send John back to dispatch when all of a sudden I told him:

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