Hot Older Woman tease and please with phone sex

You’ve been there before.  You stand in line, maybe at your local supermarket waiting for your turn when in comes the hottest older woman you have ever seen.  There she is, walking past you, an indescribable smile on her face as if she knows the only thing you want right now is her. Just as she passes by, she shakes her hair and you know you are the object of her tease.  You also know you want her.  Badly.  Like hot hard bad and you have to adjust your pants hoping that the tent that has suddenly appeared will go unnoticed.

But it doesn’t.  Just as you think no one has seen, you notice that the hot mature lady with the body to die for winks at you.  Is that a wink?  Were you dreaming?

And then the tension between the two of you eases and she walks away, swinging her hot body and you know that the show is intended for you.  Like she is saying: “Look what you could get if only you tried!”

With a cart full of food, your are next line, and cannot very well abandon everything and run after her.

But you should.  Because there is nothing like being teased by a sexy cougar who knows all about the art and thrills of tease and please, tease and denial and that young, hard body of yours.

Want to try?  Pick up the phone and call me then!