Phonesex: a couple’s fantasy

When a couple introduces phone sex into their sex play!

It wasn’t always that way.  When I first started in this business, the vast majority of my callers were men. Of course I had some lesbian or bisexual women calling me for sex, but by and large, very few couples ever called.

Today of course, whilst the majority of callers are still men looking for what they are not finding at home, more and more women, and couples call to spice up their sex life.

If you are a couple considering phone sex for the first time, you may follow the progression of other couples, just like you, which goes like this:

  1. Your First call takes place with the woman only participating by way of listening in on what you and your operator fantasize about.  Of course, you will be talking to us about a subject that turns your wife up but by and large, your wife will be a “silent” participant in this phone sex 3 some.
  2. As your spouse starts to feel more comfortable with the notion of an extra person taking an active part in your love making, she may begin to take a more active role.  This is where the fun begins.  I will talk about other possibilities in a later post but in the meantime, here is a scenario that just took place during a recent couple phone sex session.

The couple had been calling me for a while now, and I had sense from the beginning that the wife was not all together impressed with the size of her husband’s cock.  During the last call, I asked point blank from 1 to 10 how she rated her husband’s cock size wise and her answer was so fast the it took all of us by surprise.

“One and a half” she said. So small cock humiliation was on the menu but she didn’t quite know how to verbalize her feelings.

At the end of the phone call, she did!

Can you experience real Extreme Humiliation during a Phone Sex Call?

Humiliation Phone Sex

Phone Humiliation: How can you enjoy humiliation with a Phone Sex Call

Well, hello there little one!  So you have the need to be hardcore humiliated and like most of our submissive callers you crave to be embarassed by a Sensual Mistress who will use her expertise and guide you through a mixture of sensual and hardcore humiliating Phone Sex conversations to a point in your life where Extreme Humiliation becomes the source of unique pleasures.

Many callers such as you ask us why they need to be derided and humiliated in the first place and whilst I am sure that in their own heart they themselves know the answer to that particular questions full well, the fact that they ask is just a confirmation of their sexual submissive status which defines who they are in life.  But just for sake of fun, here are some of the reasons:

  • You have a small cock, something so small that it is making you feel useless.
  • You feel the need to be feminized by wearing panties, putting on makeup and show yourself to your Sensual Mistress and friends.
  • The thought of being to object of scorn and derision excites you.

Of course there are many ways to explore Extreme Humiliation during a Phone Sex Call call and many use role play as the best method to go along with your fantasy. Here are some the tasks a Mistress might decide to assign you with:

  • Prepare a dance and song show for the benefit of your Mistress and her friends.
  • Being introduced to all your Sensual Mistress’s friends as Little Teenie Dicky, a true little cock loser who is only good to perform chores and be hardcore humiliated.

There are so many ways to explore a humiliating fantasy and through role play you will discover how deliciously hardcore humiliated you can made to feel.

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