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Happy 19th Birthday – Beer – Sun – Daddy and Virginity Lost

Sex on the beach is something everyone has to try at lease once in their life.  On the day of my 19th birthday, it happened to me, and if you enjoy age play fantasies, you’re in for a treat!

And not only that.  I was still a virgin going into that day and to give myself up to a stranger on a birthday was the last thing on my mind.  But it happened.  And I have no regrets.

It was a sunny day in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and I was visiting a friend in one of the beach’s resort hotel.  We were by the pool, the view over the ocean was incredible, the sun pouring down heat over our body, the water, soft and cool and of course, lots of really cold beer.

I was starting to feel the effect of too much sun and booze and excused myself for a trip to ladies room.  And I saw him.  He was showering and as I walked by, by intent or otherwise, he took his dick out of his swimming trunks and gave it a couple of strokes.  His back was turned away from the pool and in this position it was impossible for anyone to see him, but I could and I did, and how I liked it.

His cock wasn’t hard but boy was it long and thick.  I was mezmirized.. but it size, its color (white against the man’s taned body) and what was lazily being done to it.

I remember thinking that I shouldn’t just stay there, staring at this dick but I couldn’t move.  Then the man saw me, and instead of putting his cock back inside his trunks, he continued to stroke it but this time it began to swell up.

I heard a gasp and realized it had come from me.  A few yards away, stood a wooden hut which served as a bar.  It was empty at this time of the day and the man told me to follow him there.

We were now standing behind the bar, facing the sea.  We could see the folks on the beach and they probably could us as well if they turned towards us but because of the high counter, all they would have seen were my swimming top.

He told me to put my hand on the counter and brace myself.  Lowered my bikini bottom, spread my legs and the next thing, this huge dick of his was pressing against my pussy.

I was tensed and scared and for a while he struggled to enter.  But when he did!

He was now pounding me and what had started as a searing and burning pain inside of me changed to a feeling of complete and utter bliss.  I was enjoying every moment, discovering how I could control his movements somehow so that his dick would feel different according to the position I was in.

I was beginning to sense that he was on the verge of coming and as I felt him tense, bracing myself for the final onslought my phone rang.

It was my Dad calling to wish me a happy birthday.  The sound of my Dad, his voice just as the man behind me was shooting his seeds inside my Daddy’s little girl was more than I had bargained.  And I came with an urgency and passion that I had not known I ever had.

Are you ok, baby, Daddy asked?  Are you happy?

Yes Daddy, I was.

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18Teen Phone Sex

The other day, what started out as a disappointing evening turned out to be one the best night I ever had!  Wonder why?  Easy…

It was my boyfriend’s birthday and as he was turning 19Teen, I had planned this evening with him and for him, going over the details days in advance to make sure that everything would be perfect.  I am a bit of a perfectionist I must admit.  Besides, it’s not everything you turn 19Teen and with that in mind, I of course had to make myself all pretty, just for him.  So I did what girl does best (well second best because in my case, why I really do best is phone sex with older men who have a thing about young girls and use the phone to role play their fantasies in a way that is legal!  Barely Legal if you ask me! <giggles>

Anyway as I was getting ready to go and pick him up, I get this phone call from him saying that plans had changed and that rather than do what I originally planned, why wouldn’t I meet him at his friend’s place to play pool and hang out.

I must admit I was rather bummed out, but he was the birthday boy so I said yet and off we went to his friend’s place.

Well…  My, my is all I can say.  When we got there, his friend was there with his new girlfriend and I have to tell you that this babe was the most gorgeous of all the babes I have ever seen.  I mean she was just incredible with blue eyes and long black eye lashes, a mouth that begged to be kissed and a body that was crying out to be fucked.

I am not the type of girl that falls for women usually, but I have to say I was smitten.  This girl was the queen of the 18teen phone sex queen and judging by the bulge on both of the boys crotches, it wasn’t just me she was having an effect on.

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